FIDE International Master Nad Petre

Nad Titus Petre (the highest rating 2411 ELO) – it a Romanian chess coach and player, who speaks English, French and German.

As a player, he won many awards , the most importants were the following

Started chess pretty late around 10 years old and at 17 years old already had my 1st National titre as Romanian Champion at the U18 category. This qualification allowed me to represented my country at World Youth Championships in Bratislava 1993, where I scored 6/11.
I become International Master in 2012.
As experience in European leagues : Romania, Austria (Bundesliga Mitte) and France (N3 and N2) and 2 times I participate in The European Chess Championship.

As coach

Nad is  F.I.D.E. Trainer and a coach with over 17 years of experience.

In private lessons, he trained juniors players from the beginner level till 2400 ELO rating. He had great results with some of his students, helping them to cross the line from 1600-1700 Elo to 2000-2100 ELO points in a very short period (between 7 to 12 months). As personal coach, his students wins many medals at national championships :

ratings.fide.com/profile/2017466 2007-2008
ratings.fide.com/profile/1218727 March 2015-march 2018
ratings.fide.com/profile/1218417 March 2015- July 2016
ratings.fide.com/profile/1222961 September 2016-april 2018
ratings.fide.com/profile/1227130 September 2016- June 2019
ratings.fide.com/profile/1239147 September 2015-april 2017
ratings.fide.com/profile/1252640 April 2017- April 2019
ratings.fide.com/profile/1253654 November 2015-2020
ratings.fide.com/profile/651023075 during 2021

He was head coach of Romanian delegation at many international competitions:

And in this position (as Head coach for Romanian delegation), the bests results of the Romanian teams were :

Guest Stream with IM Nad Petre