Overview of the Club and School

“La Garde du Roi” Chess Club is a non-profit association whose purpose is the practice, study, teaching and promotion of chess for children and adults.

The “Garde du Roi” Chess Club, through its school, the Prunescu Chess School, runs chess courses for adults and children of all ages and levels.
The activity of the Club focuses on 4 areas.

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Every week the club organizes activities with the chess theme for kids using fun and creative methods such as:

  • labyrinths and puzzles
  • video and animated screenings about chess
  • demonstrations of short games – to learn about pieces and how to move each piece
  • mini-chess exercices book
  • chess tournaments adapted to their age


To achieve this goal, the “Garde du Roi” Club, through the Prunescu Chess School, organizes specific courses for junior aged between 5 to 14 years old. The chess classes are given by professional and qualified coaches.

The juniors are regularly accompanied at national and international tournaments and championships, benefiting from: preparation and analyses of games, moral support from their coachs, monitoring and logistical support.

The Performance Program includes several activities with the aim to bring a faster progress for our juniors rating and to prepare them for the high-level competitions.


Chess develops mental skills of children which are helpful throughout life: concentration, memory, critical thinking, abstract rationing, problem solving, strategic planning, creativity, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation are just a few examples.

During chess games, children learn to develop creative solutions and how to implement a plan of action, because each move requires analyzing and evaluating your position and your opponent’s position in order to devise a winning strategy.

We use different methods during the classes and we deliver our own program named Junior.


As an extension of the Performance Program, we have tailored a specialized initiative for young players aged 14 and above. The primary objective of this program is to sustain motivation in chess among teenagers and assist them in overcoming the challenges associated with this critical age.

Recognizing that progress can be somewhat slower and more challenging during this phase, our Leaders Program introduces several options. This empowers participants to choose a training profile that aligns with their own preferences and goals.

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