Angie Pecorini

Alexia Villanyi

Claudiu is a good coach. He takes the necessary time to explain the things and always with patience. The classes are well structured and the topics are very interesting. You can feel that he love to learn chess classes. I had a great pleasure to learn from you.

Matteo Solari

I’ve known Claudiu for about five years and he has taught me a lot of things in chess and also on the social side. You have to play using psychology a lot. Claudiu will always be a great coach, even the best in my eyes, and over time he has become a friend.

Louis Hanqi Lu

I knew Claudiu Prunescu in 2013 at the U12 Qualification Tournament in Kirchberg. The students are progressing very quickly, especially the beginners who are leaning the basics rules of chess and in just few weeks they will be able to play a full game.

Veronika Kostina

I find Claudiu to be a great coach. During classes with Claudiu, I not only improve my ability to use tactics and strategy in my game, but also learn how to cope under time pressure play without stress.

Csenge Jarai

I learnt the basics of chess from openings to endgames, in a fun and rewarding way. I think Claudiu is a good teacher, and it is a pleasure to listen to him and learn from him